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Training Links

Microsoft has many certification, exam, and training options that we’ve listed here. Hint: Use the ‘Quick Filter’ above to enter an exam type e.g. AI-900, or Certification Category e.g. ‘Fundamentals’

All Microsoft Certifications require one or more Exams. An Exam will have a code such as AZ-900, but the Certification will not have a code. Example: ‘AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals’ exam will give you the ‘Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals’ certification. Occasionally an exam will have a prerequisite of one or more exams, and this is clearly visible on the Certification page that aligns with the exam.

Suggested approach: Start with deciding which Certification you want to aim for. The ‘Certification Poster’ can be good to visualise this. Look at the exam(s) required for the certification. Have a look at the ‘Study Guide’ for the exam which covers what makes up the exam and other details. Take a ‘Practise Assessment’ if you feel you know the topic already and want to check before taking an exam. If you fail that, work your way through the ‘Course’ which is self paced. When ready, book the exam through the ‘Exam’ link and use the ‘Schedule Exam’ button. If you’ve never done a Microsoft exam before, get a feel for how it will look using the ‘Exam Sandbox’.

For other training options, check the last section here ‘Other Training Resources’.