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This site is not owned or endorsed by Microsoft in any way. If you have feedback or found a site we don’t have listed, visit our GitHub page and let us know there.

Q & A

Q: Should you trust this site? How do you know the links are safe?

A: You don’t know these links are safe, but going to a single source should be better than Googling/Binging what you’re looking for and clicking one of the first results. Check - does the link go to or as the top level domain? Don’t just trust the text used on the page for the link, hover your cursor over it and see where the link actually goes to. Are you seeing an Azure AD login page that has customizations specific to your company before entering your credentials? Apply this to anything on the internet!

Q: Why does this site exist?

A: Because there are so many Microsoft portals, and no single source of truth for them all. We probably don’t have every single public portal (but we’re pretty close!), but if you know of ones we are missing, please let us know via GitHub - do a pull request if you know how, or just write an issue with the details and we’ll sort it out. It’s easy!

Project details and thanks

Project set up and owned by Adam Fowler.

Big thanks to those who have contributed:

  • PsychoData whose attention to detail and extra coding work has made this site even better again, and continues to add a lot to this site, probably racking up the most time spent now!

  • mdjx for creating the filter which is even better than Ctrl + F, adding the Favorites section and a bunch of other improvements!

  • SwiftOnSecurity for buying the domain and handing it over, as some companies block less common domains such as XYZ which we used to be on.

  • Karl Cooke has been doing most of the initial coding and building of this site, and threw himself into making this a lot better than I could have.

  • Robert Crane who already had quite a good plain text list of admin portals and let me check against it.

  • Jed Laundry for adding the great B2B tenant ID feature amongst other improvements.

  • Users at the WinAdmins Discord who’ve provided feedback and a bunch of extra links; special mentions to 0x80070005 (Graeme Bray), krbtgt, and dec.

  • Everyone who shared and commented on this tweet who showed there was value in bothering to do this and again, provided a bunch more links to add.

  • All the contributors to this project on GitHub with corrections and updates! Keep them coming.

  • You if you bookmarked or shared this site. :)